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Praying Mantis, Tina Onderdonk, September 2013

Praying Mantis, Tina Onderdonk, September 2013

The Chicagoland habitat restoration community is huge! Find out more about the Sommes and so many other preserves, nonprofits, and clubs in our region.

Social Media

Photos, exciting discoveries, friendly people, and updates about events can be found on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


  • Strategies for Stewards: from woods to prairies: “Eco-restoration in tallgrass savanna, prairie, woods, and wetlands – inviting input from all – especially people participating in this newborn discipline of ecosystem healing.” — authored by Stephen Packard
  • Vestal Grove: Stories on Somme’s plants, wildlife, fun, and beauty. — authored by Stephen Packard
  • Habitat 2030: a lighthearted exploration of issues surrounding human-natural ecosystems  — Authored by a many different volunteer contributors.
  • Wild Things Community: “A nexus for grassroots Chicago region conservation.” — authored by various volunteer & professional contributors

Volunteer Stewardship Groups

  • Forest Preserves Volunteers: describes volunteer opportunities with the Forest Preserve District of Cook County. It is co-sponsored and maintained by Forest Preserves of Cook County and Friends of the Forest Preserves.
  • Habitat 2030 – Habitat 2030 is a group of young(ish) volunteers building a culture of 20-30-40-somethings who will preserve, restore, and enjoy our local natural areas long into the future.
  • North Branch Restoration Project: This group coordinates volunteer workdays at several sites in Cook county.

For a more comprehensive list of blogs, discussion groups, and community partners in the region, visit our friends at Wild Things.