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Hummingbird on Cardinal Flower, Lisa Culp, 2015

Hummingbird on Cardinal Flower, Lisa Culp, 2015

The Somme Preserves are of world importance because people like you have helped.

For thousands of years, native people burned grasslands, and lightning strikes caught dry vegetation on fire. The loss of woodlands and prairies to development, and the absence of natural fire, allowed invasive plants to take over precious habitat.

Habitat restoration puts things right and saves ecosystems from disappearing.  We cut out invasive plants that block the sun. We carefully collect precious seeds by hand from areas where there are more than enough to share. We spread seeds to their new homes where they will thrive and create special habitats for wildlife. We use the most up to date scientific methods to ensure we are helping nature.

Plants and animals thrive where we restore habitat. The Somme preserves are gaining ecological diversity and health year after year.

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