Trillium, Tina Onderdonk, June 2015

Trillium, Tina Onderdonk, June 2015

Here you will find all sorts of useful things that satisfy your curiosity, help you with your projects in the preserves, and connect you with the rest of our amazing habitat restoration community.

Classes – Usually free, classes for habitat restoration volunteers and citizen scientists.

The Path to Stewardship – Friends of the Forest Preserves put together this great tool that shows you step by step how to get certified and take on leadership roles in the forest preserves of Cook County

What is Habitat Restoration? Brochure – Download this simple summary so you can print it and share it with anyone who might be interested.

Maps – Of Somme Prairie Grove and Somme Woods.

Suggested Books to Read 

Ecology – Learn about the ecosystems at the Somme preserves and what plants and animals you may find.

Guides – Self-guided tours and field seminars

Online Community – Find out what our friends are up to and read what the local thinkers have to say about habitat restoration and ecology.